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About veCollect

Since 2005 VirtualEvals has worked with health professions advisors and career centers to faciliate sharing of letters of evaluation/recommendation for applicants to medical school and other health professions schools.  Our flagship service, veClient, is used by over 270 colleges and universities and nearly all the medical schools in the US.

On veClient

  • Advisors upload letters of evaluation for applicants to a secure server maintained by VirtualEvals.
  • Admissions office staff at health professions schools log into VirtualEvals and access the letters of applicants who are applying to their school. Several of the common application services, e.g., AMCAS, TMDSAS, also access letters on veClient and then make the letters available to the appropriate member schools/programs.

For the 2010 application cycle, VirtualEvals piloted veCollect to assist advisors in collecting confidential letters written in support of applicants.

On veCollect:

  • Applicants provide information on who will write letters for them.
  • veCollect contacts those evaluators with instructions re how to submit letters of evaluation on letterhead with signature.
  • Evaluators submit letters by attaching the letter in a pdf or Word document format (or fax if allowed by the advisor) to veCollect servers.
  • veCollect matches the letter to the applicant record.
  • Applicants can log into veCollect to track receipt of their letters.
  • Advisors can access the letters for their applicants.
  • Advisors download the letters from veCollect and transmit them to schools/programs as requrested by applicants.